12March 2018
12 Марта 2018

Attendees of the exhibition will include Russian and international franchising companies in the foodservice, service and retail industries. As with last year, company stands will be divided into groups corresponding to the size of the investments in the business - up to 1.5 million ruble, 1.5 to 10 million ruble and over 10 million rubles.

The Expo will It will feature such well-known brands as Domino's Pizza, INVITRO, ADAMAS, Tutti Frutti, and Roberto Bravo, Il Patio, 33 Pingvina, BABOR, ILS International Language School, MySkin. New participants include the Zolotaya Ptichka fast-service cafe from Khabarovsk, the Lubo-Gorod children’s fun, education park from Irkutsk, the Superman network of automated male hairdresser’s; the Sweet&Spa network of professional epilation, massage, and SPA treatment salons and studios; the Antares franchise of retail and online antique and collector’s item trading, and many more.

In total over 100 companies are taking part in the exhibition.

Many of these companies will be using VR technology to demonstrate how their franchising models operate. If you want to immerse yourself in the heart of a franchising concept and learn it from the inside out, the BUYBRAND Franchise Market is the place to do it!

Important news! The third day of the exhibition, March 30, will be franchising “Black Friday”, when attendees can draft letters of interest or sign franchising contracts with unrivalled terms. There won’t be another such opportunity until fall, at the final BUYBRAND EXPO exhibition of the year.

And there’s more big news! For the first time, the franchising exhibition and the VendExpo and WRS5 12th International Vending Technologies and Self-Service Systems Exhibition will share the same space. At VendExpo, it will be possible to find alternative franchising options for starting your own business, such as using a network of vending machines for selling almost any products (toys, coffee, snacks, bottled water, contact lenses, hot food etc.). Alternatively, vending machines could become a welcome addition to an already-operating business as a source of extra income or an extra means of customer service. There will also be suppliers of ingredients, components and software in attendance.

What’s more, VendExpo and WRS5 will feature a huge number of solutions for businesses in the foodservice, retail and service industries. These include online checkout, information kiosks, self-service order kiosks, payment options, telemetry and much more.

Admission to the VendExpo exhibition is included with tickets to the BUYBRAND Market franchising exhibition.