10May 2018
10 Мая 2018

Being launched in 2003 as the first Russian franchise exhibition, BUYBRAND Expo has become one of the most significant events in the field of franchising in Russia and neighboring countries.

Within 16 years due to BUYBRAND Expo dozens of foreign brands entered the Russian market; hundreds of domestic companies expanded their franchising chains through the whole country. In total over 14 000 franchise units were opened in Russia and abroad due to BUYBRAND.

Business development through franchising is becoming a trend in Russia. This is largely due to the fact that franchises tend to be more stable. “During recessions, entrepreneurs prefer to invest in franchises rather than their own businesses. Every year, requests by Russian businessmen to acquire tried and tested concepts increases by 15-20%”, says Ekaterina Soyak, EMTG General Director, organizer of the Exhibition.

Currently there are about 2.5 thousand franchising enterprises in Russia. Nearly 900 of them are actively developing. The most popular franchises are in the investment range of $15 000 - $150 000. Approximately 14% of entrepreneurs are ready to invest $150 000 - 500 000 and 4 - 6% have the means to invest over $500 000.

Commercial real estate market in Russia is developing. In 2017, area of more than 687,000 square meters was put into service in shopping and entertainment centers all over the country, while in 2018 more than 12 malls are to be opened just in Moscow with a total area of about 247,000 sq. m.

It is also worth taking into account that in 2018 Russia will hold the FIFA World Cup. Matches will take place in 11 cities of Russia. The infrastructure will remain after the tournament and will allow regions to attract more tourists after the World Cup. According to the Russian Union of Travel Industry, inbound tourism to Russia in 2017 grew by 20% since 2010, and the domestic tourist flow increased by 85% since 2010. This trend will continue in the foreseeable future.

Thus, it can be concluded that if a company is interested in new markets, it is high time to explore business opportunities in Russia and CIS, and at this point participation in BUYBRAND Expo can become the entry point to the market.

The Expo will provide an access to thousands of entrepreneurs capable of opening not only a single unit, but multiple ones. Moreover, nearly 7% of BUYBRAND visitors are potential master-franchisees. The audience comes from all over Russia and such countries as Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, UAE, Belarus, Poland and others.

In 2017 14% of the participants were global giants (Carl’s Jr., Best Western, Papa John’s) and major Russian companies (Shokoladnitsa, Invitro, Gemotest, Kofe Khauz, 1C, Rosinter) with networks in over 300 locations. More than 30% of standholders were young regional companies. More than 25% of participants were foreign brands possessing a total of over 1000 outlets in various countries.

It is expected that in 2018 nearly 240 brands and over 8000 entrepreneurs and investors will take part in the Exhibition.

To learn more about the Exhibition, please check the official website

To apply for participation / +7 495 249 1109 – Organizer – EMTG company.