21th International Franchise Exhibition BUYBRAND Expo

21st international franchise exhibition BuyBrand Expo was held in Moscow on September 26-28, 2023 in Expocentre. 170 companies from 4 countries and 17 regions of Russia presented their franchise models and B2B products and services. Over 4100 entrepreneurs from all over Russia and nearby countries visited the Expo. 190 entrepreneurs attended Franchise Business Forum.

Investment potential
Total investment potential of visitors exceeds $1 billion.
Sector of interest
*Total amount exceeds 100% as visitors could chose more than one option
Sector of interest
  • Other
Franchise concepts
by sector
170 companies from 28 regions of Russia participated in the Exhibition. 8 regions were presented at collective booths due to the support of regional authorities.
  • Service franchises
  • HoReCa Franchises
  • B2B companies
  • Manufacturing franchises
  • Retail franchises
Geography of visitors
Foreign countries* – 2%
Moscow 63%
Central Federal District7%
Privoljskiy Federal Region8%
Siberian Federal Region5%
North-Western Federal Region4%
North-Caucasian Federal Region1%
Southern Federal Region5%
Ural Federal Region3%
Far Eastern Federal District2%
by business sector
170 brands from 4 countries (Turkey, Republic of Belarus, Russia and Brazil) participated in the Expo. National brands were represented by 17 regions from Kaliningrad to Krasnoyarsk.
  • Service franchises
  • HoReCa Franchises
  • B2B companies
  • Manufacturing franchises
  • Retail franchises
Aim of visit
To find a franchise and get acquainted with franchise business
To find B2B services and products
To sell a franchise
To offer services for business
The best, the largest and the only place where you can present your franchise and what matters – to sell it.  
Sergey Rumyantsev
Sergey Rumyantsev

Founder, OnePriceCoffee

BuyBrand is not an exhibition of common type. It’s not about simply selling products, it is a place for studing . Here you can exchange experience. BuyBrand has done a great job in teaching people how franchise business works. For me BuyBrand is an opportunity to communicate with other franchisors, to get new experience, to meet new people.
Ernesto Gonzalez
Ernesto Gonzalez

Managing Partner, STARS COFFEE

BuyBrand is about networking, new partners, new interesting people. All the questions asked were interesting and substantial. It is obvious that the audience is deeply in the process, not just passersby, but owners of business.
Alexey Vasilchuk
Alexey Vasilchuk

Co-founder, Restart Vasilchuk Brothers restaurant holding

The audience is super active, shows interest in buying our franchise, asks about required investments, wants to open in USA, Republic of Belarus, in Vladimir. I think that we will sign at least 5 contracts. Business forum and an exhibition are great places to find new partners. People come here for knowledge. There is a lot of information in the Internet. But only business forums can provide you with face-to-face communication.
Tatyana Shutova
Tatyana Shutova

Funder, 4hands

BuyBrand is a cool place where you can talk to your colleagues, learn what’s going on in franchising business in Russia and choose a certain direction in case you want to start a business. BuyBrand is a place for live communication.  If you want to do business BuyBrand is the best place to find partners. I recommend everyone who enters the franchise market to visit such events.
Alexander Dolgov
Alexander Dolgov

Multi-profile entrepreneur

Geography of brands
Regional franchises were presented at 12 collective booths from Omsk, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Astrakhan, Kursk, Saratov, Voronezh regions, as well as from Udmurtia, Yakutia, Altai, Krasnoyarsk and Primorsky territories. In total franchise concepts were presented from 17 Russian regions.
The investment range of the concepts presented from € 10 000 to
900 000