Aptech: Franchising in the field of IT-education
7September 2015
7 Сентября 2015

Do not yet know where to invest money and reap good profit in 2016? Aptech representatives are ready to answer this pressing question for you. Do not miss your chance! Franchising in the field of IT education through brand Aptech is one of the most effective ways of business development. This even includes those who have no experience in this field. 

Five reasons why this is so: 

1. The growth of the economy during the recession:  The scope of training in IT because even in recession, IT always experienced growth.  

2. The relevance of IT-specialists:  Increased cost of services does not lead to a decrease in demand as there is a shortage in the staffing in IT. 

3. Brand: International Education Centre “Aptech" is a brand which is globally well-known. 

4. Customer loyalty: We have a long list of customers who have been faithful and loyal to our brand.  

5. Companies' real needs:  Curriculum of Aptech’s courses is  based on the real needs of companies in the IT industry. It includes popular technology, including software products which are developed by  known global vendors. 

We are looking for entrepreneurs who want to make a secure investment in their future, create this business, develop skills and practical knowledge- thanks to the international experience and reputation of Aptech. 

We are looking forward to meet you from 22nd to 24th September at our company's booth M107!