New Service from BUYBRAND Expo Organizers
2July 2015
2 Июля 2015

EMTG, the promoter of the BUYBRAND Expo, offers a new service for networks actively developing in franchising and interested in establishing long-term and stable relations with their partners: franchisee satisfaction research.

The objective of the research is to establish ratio and interrelation of factors affecting franchisee's satisfaction levels and to help franchisers to identify problem areas to focus on in order to increase their franchisees' satisfaction.

Franchisee satisfaction level is the key indicator of long-term prosperity and development of a franchise network and has a considerable influence on CCA prolongation after the initial period, reopening new businesses as a part of the franchiser's brand, high level of operational performance, which in most key items surpass competitors, quality of recommendations to other potential franchisees, and high loyalty to the franchiser.

The research uses the following key indicators: COMMUNICATION, TRUST, SUPPORT, and FINANSIAL RESULTS

EMTG has comprehensive competences in the franchising market. Since 2002, the company has held 30 international expos and 37 conferences. EMTG events have been attended by over 2000 companies from around the world, with their conferences and expos visited by over 110,000 people from all Russian regions, CIS and other countries. Thanks to the company, there are over 7600 new franchising businesses launched in Russia and abroad.

By ordering a research by EMTG, you contract a team of professionals who are responsible for quality of their work, you pay for the competence and demonstrate to your network franchisee your openness, trust, and commitment to continuous excellence in developing the network and relationship with partners.