Who comes to BuyBrand and why?
31May 2023
31 Мая 2023
Maxim and Alexander
"We are active franchisees, here we are present at the exhibition in order to see some more franchises that are relevant today and expand our field of activity. Now is the time to develop, no matter how scary it is. The potential and the vacant niches, they still give strength, hope and faith that any undertaking today will bring success."

Three sisters in search of a franchise, Moscow
"We came to BuyBrand to pick up a franchise. We are already doing business, we are engaged in sales on Ozon and WB. We are attracted mainly by the segment of small catering or stores that are associated with the sale of products. We have business ideas that are interconnected with this, and it would be nice to study this sector so that it would be much easier for us to develop our own in the future.
As world experience shows in general crisis situations are always the best time to try to do something. In a quiet time, everyone is fussing, and in business time, those who are not afraid are fussing. People can then achieve something good.
We came to BuyBrand to learn something new. To understand the franchises that are currently represented on the Russian market. In order to find a franchise that we can afford."

Julia and Mikhail, Yaroslavl
"We came from Yaroslavl to buy a brand to see what options are offered for investing money. We hope that we will enjoy some of the presented, and we will be ready to invest up to 10 million.
I'm afraid to open at the moment, but something needs to be done. We have to act, we have to work. I believe in Russian business that it will develop no matter what. Because everything ends sooner or later and development follows. Franchising in Russia is an advantage, it is difficult for some people to develop independently, they need a push, and there is everything for this."

Pavel, St. Petersburg
"We specially came for one day to the BuyBrand exhibition from St. Petersburg to see and buy something for ourselves. We already have an operating business, see more options for development. If you don't take risks then nothing will ever work out. There is always a demand for something, you just need to find this niche that is relevant at the moment and start from this."

Alexey, Omsk
"I'm interested in franchises from production. I looked at several offers, I will think and choose. I am an entrepreneur, I already have a small business. I wanted to see something for myself in addition. It is necessary to try, even if I am afraid. Yes, the situation is complicated, you can sit and do nothing but then nothing will work. I still believe in Russian business."

Maria, Moscow
"It's my first time at a franchise show. I am interested to see what is being offered on the market today. I want to do something interesting and this business was profitable. Not only to those who offer a franchise but also to me. I listened to several forum sessions. The speakers tell quite interesting, informative. I will choose. The level of speakers is good. Now is the time, because a large number of different options are being released on the market, people are leaving the market, in the current situation, so those who are ready can take their places. It's time for new discoveries. I am looking after a medical services franchise and am ready to invest from 1 to 3 million. A great exhibition, everything is accessible and interesting. Compared to last year, many new franchises have appeared this year, which is also pleasing."