"Business on Wheels" at BUYBRAND Expo
18April 2016
18 Апреля 2016

BUYBRAND Expo announces new opportunities for franchisers, and potential and existing franchisees, as well as for entrepreneurs offering to develop mobile business in various segments.

For the first time this year, BUYBRAND Expo will have a new sector demonstrating the variety of the mobile business concept, from coffee shops to a mobile sauna.

"Business on Wheels" is a vibrant trend in the development of Russian franchising.

"Business on Wheels" has a number of competitive advantages: you can change your location at any time, if traffic no longer suits you; you can always get to where your target audience is (city celebrations, beaches, parks, fairs, etc.); you do not need to pay rent and worry that you may be asked to vacate the premises as soon as your establishment gets going.

In Russia, "business on wheels" mainly consists of fast food, mobile shops, on-call car repairs, or towing. However, other segments are already developing: mobile cinemas, dry-cleaners and laundries, mobile saunas, beauty salons, play centers for children, etc., and many of these businesses may well begin to successfully develop as franchises. In addition, in economic crisis conditions, which are not likely to end soon, even already operating franchisers are beginning to develop new mobile formats for their concept, realizing that this format significantly reduces the risk of error with location for potential partners, or eventual agreements with landlords and therefore incurring losses.

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