Why and How Will Offline Business Return to Life
8November 2021
8 Ноября 2021
International franchise exhibition BUYBRAND Expo, that took place in September 2021 in Moscow, has revealed some interesting trends including advantages of personal communication. During last years in spite of COVID restrictions entrepreneurs from all over Russia and nearby countries kept visiting BUYBRAND in order to find a franchise. According to the expo participants, this trend will continue.

Number of the expo visitors is not far from the pre pandemic period due to the lack of offline activities: entrepreneurs are tired of “Zoom” and “Teams”. Besides, online communication will never replace face to face meeting. In this case exhibitions provide an outstanding opportunity to talk directly with franchise owners and top managers as well as with current franchisees.

“There is no alternative to personal communication. We always invite our partners to the laboratory so that they could see in person how it operates and meet the team, - says Deputy General Director of “Helix Medical Laboratory”, Darya Goryakina. – Here at the exhibition, you can meet key personnel, responsible for business development, and talk to them. There is something wrong about online”.

Franchising becomes more and more popular in crisis times. Buying a franchise, one can be sure in business model; he understands what will he get for his money and how long will it take him to start to get profit.

By the way, during past years entrepreneurs were a bit conservative in their investments, thus we can expect that by spring interest in franchising will grow. Exhibition is a perfect opportunity either to present your franchise or to choose one.

Experience of franchisors as BUYBRAND Expo participants proved that live presence and personal communication between franchisor and franchisee increases number of signed contracts and accelerates franchise deals.

“BUYBRAND is the only franchise exhibitions, capable of gathering entrepreneurs from regions – says Oleg Protopopov, Head of Development Department of “Subway Russia” (develops “Carl’s Jr” brand in Russia). – Most of them we meet for the first time, those are very interesting contacts”.

Ekaterina Lopatina, from “World Class” Franchise Department confirmed that BUYBRAND Expo is an excellent opportunity to gain useful contacts and define latest trends in business. It helps to develop your own business.

For reference: BUYBRAND Expo has been held since 2003. It is the largest franchise event in Russia and Eastern Europe. Twice a year it gathers over 200 local and international brands and 7k+ visitors from all over Russia and abroad. Over 70% of visitors have at their disposal more than $800 million of protentional investments in total.

Next exhibition will take place on March 22-24, 2022 in Moscow, Russia.