What franchises are developing in the regions
30June 2022
30 Июня 2022
Consistently high demand for franchises in Russia has been observed since the end of 2021. In March 2022, expected calm came, but now demand is slowly starting to recover.

Such dynamics was noted in Russian and international franchise companies surveyed by operating in HoReCa services and retail segments. They also talked about geography of franchise development and preferences of potential franchisees in the first five months of the turbulent 2022.

Retailers and medical franchises are actively developing in the Northwestern, Northern and Far Eastern federal districts. Fix Price, the largest player in the market of fixed price stores, has clearly targeted the East and the North, and Gemotest opened 8 outlets in the Northwestern Federal District in January – May 2022 alone. The district became the second in terms of the number of openings for the period. At Invitro, another leader of laboratory franchises in the Russian Federation, the Chelyabinsk region entered the top 3 regions in terms of openings.

Franchise sales in the South of Russia continue, but the pace has slowed down, franchisors say.

“Since March of this year, we have seen a decrease in franchise applications, most of all in the territories of the South and North Caucasus,” they say in Invitro. At the same time, the company pays attention to the fact that franchisees have become more aware, that is, the applications that they receive are targeted.

More and more franchise retail concepts are entering the Voronezh Region, while the regional market is being explored by the largest grocery retail operator X5 Group with the Chizhik concept of hard discounters. It is worth paying attention to those who are thinking about opening a store in a similar format in the region and do not want to meet with a competitor in the face of the federal giant.

Young franchises, especially in the field of catering, are mainly aimed at development in central Russia.

“We have a global goal: to open pancake houses in all cities of Russia, to open 100 pancake houses in Russia,” they say in the BlinBeri chain, which can take a good place in the vacant niche of fast food against the backdrop of a trend towards import substitution. — We have seen world experience, as a rule, 95% of restaurants and chains are franchises. Franchise — as a method of promotion, brand expansion is the world standard. Accordingly, at some point, we adopted as a strategy that we should develop through partners.”