HoReCa companies at BUYBRAND Expo 2019
14November 2019
14 Ноября 2019
Franchise «2 Berega»
Arina Lenskaya, director of business development of «2 Berega»
“We are very pleased with the results of BUYBRAND Expo. It was the first time we took part in such an event and we just hoped to get feedback about our concept, to make a portrait of our potential partner for ourselves and to understand how interesting it is for entrepreneurs to open a ready-made business. As a result of participation in the exhibition in the near future we are going to sign at least 2 franchise agreements and at the same time continue to negotiate with more than 10 entrepreneurs interested in cooperation with us.”

Franchise «ZHISHI SUSHI»
Renat Yusupov, co-founder of «ZHISHI SUSHI»
“During the exhibition we have collected 134 contacts, with two of them are already searching for premises for the opening of sushi bars. Visitors were mainly from the Central district, the Volga region and the Urals. We gathered contacts from all over the country - from Crimea to Sakhalin. Our company has already become a regular at the BUYBRAND exhibition. First of all, I would like to note the professionalism of the EMTG team and Expocentre employees. For our regional company (Magnitogorsk) the exhibition in Moscow is a good opportunity to meet potential and existing partners in the center of the capital.”

Franchise «Shashlikoff»
Artem Zherebtsov, head of franchising department of «Shashlikoff» (Novosibirsk)
“The exhibition had a good target audience. Visitors came from all over Russia; there were entrepreneurs from the CIS and European countries. We have collected 76 contacts. We plan to sign contracts with 5%. We carefully approach the choice of partners and talk about our business in detail, so that neither side has any questions, as we treat the partnership as a solution "forever". Participation in the exhibition BUYBRAND Expo is considered as an opportunity to express ourselves, it’s good that our brand is already recognized, many people say about it.”