Safebox franchise
25July 2019
25 Июля 2019
Safebox was founded over 8 years ago. It has warehouses in two cities – Moscow and St. Petersburg. Do you have premises of 1,200 sq.m. in area? Then, enjoy higher profit! Open your own Self storage, a brand new warehouse concept in Russia. There are over 50,000 such warehouses in the USA and only 100 in Russia. The franchiser offers marketing support that guarantees you a permanent flow of new clients, up to 80% warehouse utilization rate within 1 year. There are no alternatives to Safebox franchise in Russia.

Terms and conditions:
• Franchise fee is from 600,000 RUB.
• The initial capital required is from 8,000,000 RUB.
• Royalty fee is 5% a month.
• Buyback period is from 5 years.

You will have an opportunity to meet franchise managers during BUYBRAND Expo in Expocentre!