Russia’s leader in take away
29June 2022
29 Июня 2022
Almost every day we read the news about another business leaving. How, in such circumstances, can we preserve our savings, if the situation in the stock, currency and real estate markets seems like a cytokine storm?

The answer is to invest in a business that is independent of the foreign economic and political situation. A business that has repeatedly shown its worth, even in the most difficult conditions.
Sushi Wok is an example of just such a business, being a leader of take away in Russia and an international franchise of Japanese and pan-Asian cuisine stores with a proven business model. More than 20 new brand stores have opened since the beginning of the year alone.

In June, you can become a part of the Sushi Wok network with even more benefits. The franchisor has prepared special conditions for the purchase of the franchise.