BUYBRAND 2020: results of the event
22September 2020
22 Сентября 2020

BUYBRAND franchise exhibition is an industry event that gathers franchise concepts and top industry experts every year. This year was no exception, although it was not so easy for the entire business community. In the post-pandemic period BUYBRAND has become a center of attraction for small and medium-sized businesses as well as for all those who is interested in it.

"During the pandemic some companies left the market, but there are those who are ready to take their place, and now it is the time to do it. That is why it was important for us to hold BUYBRAND in September and give those who are ready to act the opportunity to find a suitable franchise or business idea and take up vacant positions in the market," – says EMTG CEO Ekaterina Soyak.

The exhibition was visited by 3382 people from various regions of Russia from Khabarovsk to Kaliningrad.

160 companies presented their franchise concepts at BUYBRAND, including catering chains (Subway, Coffee In, Dobryninsky, SVSH, SushiWok, PRIMETIME COFFEE), retailers (Fasol, Myasnitsky Ryad, Piv&Co, DIM, Tamaris, Gallato), children's franchises (Championika, Soyuzmultklub, Schoolford), cyber clubs and cyber arens (COLIZEUM, TRUE GAMERS, United gamers, FeniiiX.GG) and many others.

"The fact that the organizers were able to hold the event and attract people is good! And we decided to participate in BUYBRAND with great pleasure, and we don't regret it! » - said Director of franchising department of Subway Igor Shedrin.

Regional franchises were presented at 12 collective booths from Omsk, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Astrakhan, Kursk, Saratov, Voronezh regions, as well as from Udmurtia, Yakutia, Altai, Krasnoyarsk and Primorsky territories.

71 companies have participated in BUYBRAND 2020 for the first time. Among them were many interesting and memorable concepts, such as: Bros Burritos (Mexican street-food), Busy Fly (multi-sharing platform), Get Energy (rent power bank), DNKOM (medical laboratory), Alexander Bogdanov (designer women's clothing), Max Bakery (gastrobar), etc.


The outdoor exhibition area also featured six food truck business concepts: Papa zharit myaso, Pravda coffee, TomYum Bar, FORMA Barber shop, BanyaNaKolesah Russian bath, and ICEQUEEN new generation cryo capsules.

"The atmosphere of this exhibition is festive. There are a lot of useful and interesting contacts. No crisis is not scared of those of our guests who wanted to come to us! This is great! Thanks a lot, to the organizers! » - comments Franchising Director of Glavdostavka Vladimir Ryabukhin.

Business forum "BizBusters: survivors 2020" was held throughout all three days of BUYBRAND. Speakers discussed the transformation of companies in the post-pandemic time to maintain a leading position in the market. Topic of digitalization of business and the topic of the transition to online formats were also covered during the session. On the third day of BUYBRAND the business program was dedicated to business investment. Valery Zolotukhin, founder of the investment company Impact Capital, told how to attract business investment, after which 4 companies presented their investment concepts at an investment pitch-session. 


Franchise training courses were also held during the exhibition. At the “franchisors school” entrepreneurs learned how to create a strong franchise, how to avoid fatal mistakes of novice franchisors,and the legal subtleties of creating franchise relationships. The "franchisee school" was held specifically for those who do not yet have experience in running a franchise business. Speakers shared their knowledge on how to choose a franchise, how to correctly calculate investments for buying a franchise and how to maintain financial literacy.

The next BUYBRAND Franchise Market exhibition will be held traditionally in the spring period on March 23-25, 2021 at Expocentre, Moscow.