BUYBRAND 2023: results, concepts and new ways of investing
6October 2023
6 Октября 2023

An intensive business program, networking and franchise exhibition were held on 26-28 September at Expocenter fairground.

BuyBrand brought together more than 170 concepts from the fields of HoReCa, manufacturing, retail, services and B2B. The event turned out to be not only a meeting place for franchisors, future franchisees and investors, but also showed in which directions Russian business will move.

"BUYBRAND 2023 is a reflection of the state of Russian business. At BuyBrand Expo we saw that the business community is focused on long–term investments in great projects - primarily in the field of hospitality, catering and services. This is evidenced by the appearance of concepts with a high entry threshold at the exhibition and the commitment in forum events shows that entrepreneurs who have money are interested in new ways of investing, diversifying business and minimizing risks in the current conditions," - said Ekaterina Soyak, CEO of EMTG, founder of BUYBRAND.

The investment range of the concepts presented at BUYBRAND 2023 ranged from 1 to 150+ million rubles. In the category of over 50 million this year, the largest restaurant holdings Rosinter Restaurants, Tigrus and Vasilchuki Restaurant Group presented their franchises. Brands SYROVARNYA and MINI SYROVARNYA created by Arkady Novikov, Stars Coffee (ex-Starbucks), the franchise for the production of cottage cheese KITCHN! made their debut at the exhibition.

The catering market was also presented by RYBA MOYA, TOKYO City, Farfor delivery service, Sedelice bakeries and the Turkish brand Gagawa.
The largest domestic retailers Pyaterochka and Dixie have submitted proposals for reverse franchising. Among the foreign companies engaged in retail trade, the exhibition was attended by the Turkish furniture and household goods manufacturer YATAS and the German leader in the production of tableware and kitchen accessories GIPFEL.

Interesting concepts that have no analogues in the market were presented by regional companies. FARCTORY OF DUPLICATES offers to open a used Korean car repair shop, and YOUTOOL service offers to rent a professional tool.

During the business program, the creators and top managers of the largest franchises spoke about the realities of modern business. Henrik Winter, founder of Tigrus, and Lenar Kutlin, CEO of Gagawa Restaurants, shared their experience of scaling abroad.

Alexey Vasilchuk told about the risky, but successful restart of CHAIHONA #1, and why it brought him plus 15% of revenue. And the main mistakes in the course of work on the franchise were shared by franchisees OnePriceCoffee, MPR, Topgun and Colizeum.

"We need to move away from the childish approach to franchising business and understand that all responsibility for your business lies solely with you", - Vitaly Nikitenko, who opened several franchises for Topgun and Colizeum, gave advice to the audience.

Today, it is more important than ever for the business community to exchange experience and look for joint solutions to overcome emerging challenges, the organizing company EMTG states. Therefore, the forum platform was strengthened by networking and attracted over 4,000 entrepreneurs.