Service sector at BUYBRAND Expo 2019
25November 2019
25 Ноября 2019
Franchise “MailBoxes ETC.”
Anton Abramov, commercial Director of "MailBoxes Etc." in Russia
“The main task of any exhibition of franchising is the search for new franchisees. In addition there are opportunities to establish business relations with partners, see the experience of other companies in promoting their products and learn about the latest market trends at such events. More than 100 meetings and contacts of various levels were held on BUYBRAND Expo 2019. Almost all of Russia and neighboring countries were represented on this expo. An increasing number of offers in the B2C market, which gives us, working primarily in the market of services for entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, a competitive advantage in promoting our brand. Compared to last year's exhibition there were slightly fewer visitors at our stand but their quality is certainly higher this year. Some of the customers came to get acquainted with us after preliminary communication, which indicates the interest of buyers in our product.”

Franchise “INVITRO”
Roman Petukhov, Head of department of development, "INVITRO”
“INVITRO is one of the oldest participants of the international exhibition of franchises BUYBRAND Expo. As an experienced Exhibitor we can say that every year the BUYBRAND team manages to raise the level of the event: the geography of the audience grows, more companies and brands are connected to the exhibition, the number of guests increases. This year, investors from Moscow and the Moscow region have traditionally shown a high interest in our franchise. A pleasant surprise was the increased activity of entrepreneurs in a number of regions: the North-Western Federal district, the Volga region, the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. We also talked with potential partners from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan with pleasure. We see participation in BYUBRAND as a great way to communicate business to potential partners. But at the same time, the exhibition is a good opportunity to once again look at the result of our work from the outside: what new can we offer to the investor, are we ready to enter new markets in terms of geography, etc.. This is a very good experience for any business.”