Next Level of Exhibition Industry
23May 2016
23 Мая 2016

EMTG: "A new exhibition format will allow to increase the number of visitors by 5-7 times, mainly by entrepreneurs from remote areas of Russia and CIS."

An innovative exhibition platform, EXPOWL, offering functionality that will make it possible to increase efficiency of all exhibitions around the world, was presented in Moscow. The platform will debut at the International Franchise Exhibition BUYBRAND Expo and Licensing Salon, an International Salon Of Brand And Image Licensing. It is expected to be very popular among SMEs from around the world, since it will enable them to take part in the event both online and offline at the same time.

"It is a new round in development of the global exhibition industry: this process combines two realities, participants and visitors of exhibitions can now be present at the event both online and offline at the same time and have the same experience. That's why the platform we developed for our exhibitors, visitors and participants is truly unique and opens new perspectives for promotion and search of business concepts, it will engage significantly more entrepreneurs in dialog and the events in the business agenda, it will allow for attraction of new partners from around the globe and boost conversion resulting from participation in the exhibition," says Yekaterina Soyak, General Director of EMTG, the company which created the unprecedented project. 

According to Soyak, for the first time in the exhibition industry it became possible to efface the boundaries between those who visit the exhibition in person and those who follow it online. "The interface of the program most closely resembles reality, so that those visitors who didn't make it to Moscow to the franchise exhibition for some reason could experience a strong presence effect: we have a reconstructed 3D model of the Krasnaya Presnya Expocenter with all exhibitors' booths according to their real locations. You can make a virtual tour around the pavilions you're interested in, browse through promotional materials, download presentations and brochures, and connect with a representative of any company through a messenger or video chat," Yekaterina Soyak explains.

The new exhibition platform will be equally convenient, useful and effective both for online and offline visitors. "Since visitors and exhibitors are always pressed for time, they need to devote it effectively and have meetings only with those companies which most precisely meet their requirements. Our platform will find the right people with the help of filters. Exhibitors also have an opportunity to select a booth model and after that they can brand them and upload promotional materials, videos, brochures, presentations and other information, which will be available to all participants," EMTG stressed.

The presentation of the innovative exhibition platform was attended by about 100 leading representatives of Russian franchise business, including well-known companies, such as Invitro, Tele2, Coral Travel, World Class, Beeline, Rosinter Restaurants, Domino’s Pizza, Shokoladnitsa, Coffeeshop, Expedition, SOHO Fashion and others. "It a real step forward. At Expedition we've been thinking for a long time of how we can have people who couldn't be at the exhibition see everything through our eyes. We hope it will be possible," says Alexander Kravtsov, founder of RUYAN Group. "Moreover, this exhibition format opens unlimited opportunities for development both on a national and global scale. Of course, we can't just give up traditional offline exhibitions but combining them with the online reality is the best option."

According to Jacob Treskow, General Director of SOHO Fashion, first the solution will make it possible to cover the whole Russia. "Today not every company is ready to pay for a flight from Vladivostok to Moscow, with fares being significantly high. As a result, the Far East is barely covered by major franchising companies interested in this region. I feel that the new format will open vast opportunities for development and, by the way, not only in Russia but abroad, too," Jacob Treskow commented. He also said that today there was not enough information on participating companies which would contain precise data, including information on the seller's financial situation. Unfair visitors will be deterred by a charge for admission to an online exhibition. The amount of 1000-1500 rubles, which is proposed to be charged for using this service, may not be high, but a person who doesn't intend to engage in business negotiations and conclude contracts is unlikely to pay it."

The unique exhibition platform is being developed by Armenian IT specialists. After the project launch EMTG expects the number of visitors at BUYBRAND Expo to increase by 5-7 times within three years, mainly by entrepreneurs from remote regions of Russia and CIS. 

About EMTG.EMTG has been in the Russian market since 2002 and specializes in organization and holding of international exhibitions and conferences in the B2B segment (franchising, vending, licensing). The company also owns a research and information website, BUYBRAND Inform, and conducts its own research in the area of franchising. Thanks to the company, there are over 17300 new SMEs launched in Russia and abroad. The company's largest projects, such as BUYBRAND Expo, an international franchise exhibition, and Russian Franchising International Forum, are among the TOP 5 international events in the franchising industry. Since 2014 the company have held the Licensing Salon aimed to demonstrate potential licensees – manufacturers and chain companies – a variety of opportunities that are opened through the licensed activities for their business. At the same time Russian and international licensors and licensing agencies get a professional platform to share experiences and find business partners in Russia, other CIS countries, and Eastern Europe.