Siberian Restaurateurs to Introduce New Concept
4July 2018
4 Июля 2018

This was the result of the Conquest Group’s participation in the exhibition in 2017. This September at BUYBRAND Expo the company will present its new “SlovoPlovu” restaurant concept.

“Participation in BUYBRAND Expo 2017 gave us a unique opportunity to look at the food service franchising market from a different perspective and push the boundaries of the growth of our restaurant portfolio,” says Anastasiya Morozova, Chief Development and Franchising Officer at Conquest Group.

“The feedback we got from visitors interested in buying a franchise at the exhibition showed us the real needs of potential franchisees and gave an answer to a pivotal question – which restaurant franchise is the most sought-after? After evaluating the responses, our team created what we believe to be an exciting product. It is a new, modern eastern fast food restaurant called “SlovoPlovu”, under the Adzhikinezhal restaurant anchoring brand from Adzhikinezhal,” continues Anastasiya.

“SlovoPlovu” is a light fast food format with investments of less than 7 million rubles and eastern cuisine as a core trend product. In summer 2018, the Conquest Group will launch two of its own points of sale and even now, before opening its first restaurant, it is in the middle of signing its first franchise agreement.  At BUYBRAND Expo 2018 the company will introduce its new “SlovoPlovu” project, and the team is already sure that it will be a success!

About Conquest Group

Conquest Group’s portfolio includes six concepts: “Adzhikinezhal” hospitable cuisine restaurants, Drovamuka, teppan bar “Myatny Karas”, Russian cuisine restaurant “Na Dache”,

brewpub “Rock City Bar”, and the modern fast food restaurant “SlovoPlovu”.