Fit-Studio shapes the fitness market in Chelyabinsk
3August 2015
3 Августа 2015

Spring 2016 will mark the opening of a new Fit-Studio club. on ul. Akademika Koroleva in Chelyabinsk. “We've been targeting the Chelyabinsk market as a platform for both company development and franchising opportunities. The first project by X-FIT GROUP in the region will be a franchise. The new Fit-Studio location will offer a full range of services, with functional, group and power training sessions, saunas etc. The club will target the medium price segment of the market and will be open to the public. All instructors and coaches at Chelyabinsk Fit-Studio will me mentored by X-FIT veterans,” says Raisa Tsareva, Head of Franchising at X-FIT GROUP management company.

Chelyabinsk Fit-Studio is a project aimed to shape the sports culture of the city. Fit-Studio managing partner in Chelyabinsk, Ilya Konoplev, said: “The fitness market in our city is really in its early development. The idea of a healthy lifestyle has not yet been imprinted in the mass consciousness. Only 3% of the Russian population practices fitness, compared to the 14% in the USA… But we are already working on shaping this market. Together with 214 other Chelyabinsk companies.”