First time in Russia, exclusively at BUYBRAND Expo!
15August 2016
15 Августа 2016

The network of fast food restaurants Surf'n'Fries is not only about tasty French fries - it is one of the most demanded franchises. The brand has been developing since 2009; today you can find their restaurants in the Netherlands, Germany, Croatia, Austria, and Vietnam. In total the network has over 50 restaurants in 16 countries. In September the first stores will open in Russia. Apart from the Russian Federation, 2016 will also see the network's launch in the USA.

In Russia the network will have only franchise stores. Three formats are offered to partners: a mobile bar, an island in a shopping mall and a restaurant. The minimum starting capital is 1.7 million rubles. It has already been agreed to open four Surf’n’Fries stores in the Moscow region. In total, around 100 stores are planned to open until the end of the year in Moscow and other regions.

The heart of the menu is potatoes prepared using a special technology. Surf’n’Fries use special equipment, and cooking is not so labor-consuming. Potatoes are the only product which is planned to be imported, therefore it can be suggested that the prices will not depend on the exchange rate too much.

The word “Surf'n'Fries” sounds difficult and unfamiliar to Russians, however it consists of two parts: "surfing" (implying freedom) and "French fries" (fries). The brand identity follows the 50's California style. The concept of the brand is freedom of life style and food habits.

However, the main feature of Surf'n'Fries that the clients love so much is a very convenient and eye-catching packing for cooked potatoes. It is designed in the form of a bus for surfers, with potatoes on the board, and with small departments for two sauces and a drink.