33 Pingvina will present a new format at BUYBRAND Expo 2015
1September 2015
1 Сентября 2015
33 Pingvina is counting on finding serious partners in St Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg and Ufa at BUYBRAND Expo 2015. "All these cities have serious prospects for active development. In each of them is the possibility of building the largest ever network under our trademark (now the largest 33 Pingvina network is owned by a Khabarovsk franchisee, with over 70 sales outlets and a population of 600,000), but this requires a serious investor," said Elena Rybina, Director of TM 33 Pingvina. An important event at BUYBRAND Expo 2015 will be the presentation of a new trade format of 33 Pingvina for enclosed premises: Rotunda (the stand will present the new format sales outlet). It is expected that interest by shopping and entertainment centres in the new format will be no less than by existing franchisees. The company invites all interested parties to BUYBRAND Expo 2015. The 33 Pingvina franchise will be at stand number L106.