BUYBRAND Expo 2022 – a Legend of Russian franchising
27May 2022
27 Мая 2022
On September 27-29, 2022 the 20th International Franchise Exhibition BUYBRAND EXPO 2022 will be held at Expocentre, Moscow. Anniversary exhibition will be a starting point for many entrepreneurs who plan to scale their business and strengthen their company's position at the Russian market.

The current economic situation is characterized by a change of emphasis on the Russian market. Many foreign companies are leaving the market, the vacant niches are being occupied by ambitious and determined entrepreneurs who are not afraid to take a step towards new challenges. BUYBRAND EXPO 2022 exhibition is just about this: it will help to make a claim about oneself, consolidate one’s business positions and find new partners.

According to Ekaterina Soayk, CEO of EMTG and founder of BUYBRAND EXPO, right now, in the current economic situation, such business events are extremely important, as people are trying to find ways out, to find some new opportunites, to adapt to the situation.

The opportunity to meet hundreds of franchisors, potential franchisees and experts on the same platform is a chance to exchange invaluable experience and find partners.

The importance of franchising for the development of entrepreneurship and increasing business activity is noted at all levels. Programs to support franchisors and franchisees have already been launched in many Russian regions, grants and preferential loans are being issued and consultations on working with franchises are being provided.

"It was important for us to attract new entrepreneurs so that they would not close in the first year. Therefore, franchising is important for us," said Alexey Fursin, Head of the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development, commenting on the decision to launch a franchise support program in Moscow.

About 200 franchising and B2B companies will take part in the BUYBRAND EXPO 2022, more than 7000 entrepreneurs will attend. The business program will include three parallel streams: "Start" for novice franchisees, "Business" for experienced entrepreneurs and "Franchisors School" for companies planning to scale their business via franchising.
Business market and forum for entrepreneurs VerSous, held by EMTG company on March 22-24, 2022 gathered 130 participants, 5087 visitors and 97 speakers and confirmed that business is alive and not ready to give up even in such difficult times. Exhibiting companies got new partners and visitors got a chance to open a business.

See you in September at BUYBRAND EXPO 2022!