Six types of hotel for every type of developer
18July 2016
18 Июля 2016

Best Western for the first time will present its franchise offer at BUYBRAND Expo-2016. Best Western is a global powerhouse with a diverse hotel portfolio, attractive fees that optimize profitability, award-winning marketing programs and partnerships - all guided by a strong leadership team committed to driving revenue and value to you. 

At Best Western they know that every traveler is different, with varied needs and demands. That's why they offer a well-rounded selection of hotels with different features and amenities - enabling owners and developers to find the right hotel product to fit their market. 

For the last years, through the most severe recession in recent history, Best Western has consistently out-performed the industry. Why? Because flying the Best Western flag means affiliating with one of the world’s most well-known brands, and perhaps more importantly, being supported by a corporate team whose mission is to drive superior revenue and enhance your hotel value.

Join more than 4,100* hotels in over 100 countries to reap the benefits of the Best Western brand name. As the largest hotel brand in the world, Best Western is expanding rapidly into new markets. Global presence makes Best Western the world's premier hotel choice for quality, service and value.

*Numbers are approximate and can fluctuate.