Russia’s 2019 Retail Property Market
22May 2019
22 Мая 2019

According to estimates by “Magazin Magazinov” Company, in 2019, some 1.2 million square meters of shopping areas will enter the market (2.7 times more than in 2018). The Moscow market’s share will make up almost one third of the new proposal, 380 thousand sq. m. It is expected that in 2019, one fifth of the new facilities will be delivered in cities with population of over 500 thousand, and another 37% – in cities with population of 1 million or more. New major projects are being implemented in Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Nefteyugansk and Grozny.


Introduction of two new complexes – “Sputnik” shopping mall (12,000 sq. m of leasable space) and the first stage of “Fashion House Outlet Center St. Petersburg” (10,900 sq. m) – are announced for the second half of the year. Currently, St. Petersburg has 52 high-quality shopping malls with a total floor space of 2.13 million sq. m.


Twelve shopping malls may enter Moscow’s market in 2019 as noted in the retail property market research by Knight Frank consultancy. Most of the facilities to be delivered fall under the district-level shopping centers’ category.

The biggest one, “Salaris”, has already opened. One of the mall’s anchors is Russia’s largest “Globus” hypermarket with a floor space of 26,500 sq. m.

Many of the shopping malls will open as part of larger facilities. For instance, delivery of a shopping mall as part of “Dream Island” entertainment park in Nagatinskaya Poyma is planned for the third quarter of 2019, and later on – of a shopping mall as part of the large multi-purpose residential complex on 15 Aminiyevskoye Shosse. One more will appear near the metro station “The Street of the 800th Anniversary of Moscow” under construction on Dmitrovskoye Shosse as part of “Summer Garden” residential complex 

Besides, a shopping mall is being developed in the north-east of Moscow as part of the Chinese Business District “Park Huaming,” while the “Skazka” shopping and entertainment center will open as part of the “Rasskazovka” transport interchange hub. Also, there are plans to open the second stage of “Smolensky Passage,” shopping malls as part of the “Troparyovo” (Leninsky Prospekt) and “Ryazanskaya” transport interchange hubs, a shopping mall on Zemlyanoy Val and two small shopping malls on Chongarsky Boulevard and Varshavskoye Shosse.


“Kalina Mall” was opened


Construction of Southern Russia’s largest shopping and entertainment center – “Grozny Mall” – continues.


Construction of the “largest shopping and entertainment center in the Far East” (as announced), Brosco Mall, is underway.