Imaginarium to participate in the exhibition
4August 2016
4 Августа 2016

Imaginarium is the world famous and unique retail network of educational games and toys with 400 stores in 26 countries. It was founded in Spain in 1992. Imaginarium offers exclusive products aimed at development and education of a growing child from 0 to 12 years old. For the professional contribution and promotion of children's goods the network received a Golden Bear Children Good's Industry National Award. Adherence to the highest safety standards and creation of its own unique atmosphere allowed the company to take the leading positions in the segment and qualitatively differ from all other networks of children's goods. The Imaginarium club has over 200,000 loyal customers, who receive discounts, gifts and special offers during the whole year. Buying the Imaginarium franchise, you will receive full guidance on store opening, rules and standards of effective work, and also trainings on products and sales techniques.