Cantzler Brewing Company
29June 2022
29 Июня 2022
The Cantzler Company works in the market for over 10 years. The company’s retail network, which has more than 300 outlets, has shaped the format of opening new outlets.

The company is looking for a partner, not a customer, so the royalty is zero, a lump sum payment of 100,000 rubles. A list of training programs has been prepared for franchisees, both for the businessman and the staff. Additional trainings are also offered.

Cantzler Brewing Company works in a turnkey format: full support from assistance in selecting premises to accounting and installation of a unified CRM system. You will be able to grow one of three outlet formats.

An important advantage of working with the Cantzler Brewing Company is the status of the company as a producer. For the franchisee this means the following:

- Free and strong delivery of products (alcoholic and non-alcoholic, snacks, PET bottles);
- Special prices;
- Free maintenance of beer equipment.