Earning on sport? Why not!
9August 2016
9 Августа 2016

Over the years, opening new sports and entertaining centers, we learned a lot, and this knowledge cannot be gained at once or incidentally. These skills and knowledge formed the basis of the first unique sports franchise - the sports and entertaining centers "Na Batute" (On the Trampoline). Clear working instructions, and recommendations on earning money on an important and right thing - sport for professionals, fans and the whole family - are the basis of our franchise!

Any person with no experience in business or sports can launch this business. Our center can be opened practically in any part of the city (residential, business or entertaining areas). Our centers are visited by people of any age, income and status. The franchise of the sports and entertaining centers "Na Batute" is the first franchise of its kind - a “must-do”, not mentioning the pleasure of the exercises of course.